Welcome to Underwater explorers society MARE DALMATICUM web page where you can find informations about the non profit organisation, our members, goals and activities and the projects which we are developing and participate in.

Our mission

Mission of society MARE DALMATICUM is to explore marine enviroment underwater, to protect marine enviroment and to educate public about it

Our vision

MARE DALMATICUM has a vision to be society that will through its activities and actions influence on the conservation and protection of underwater environment, which will protect biodiversity and encourage the community to promote sustainable development and environmental protection.

Our goals

Encouraging protection and preservation of the marine environment

Promote sustainable development activities and responsible use of natural resources

Organizing and implementing the protection of marine habitats, marine locations of special importance and underwater environment in general

Encourage monitoring activities and documentation of underwater locations

Contribute to the development of ethics, morals and humanity related to humans behavior towards the sea and underwater

Encouraging the preventive and permanent protection of cultural heritage in the underwater environment


  • To conduct and encourage all types of activities for the protection of underwater environment and to participate in underwater research related to the protection of the marine environment in cooperation with the competent institutions
  • To encourage the carrying out of archaeological, historical and experimental research of the marine environment in cooperation with the competent institutions and in accordance with special regulations
  • Collecting and exchanging information on marine flora and fauna and the conditions of the underwater environment
  • To encourage scientific research
  • To spread knowledge and information related to exploration and protection of marine organisms and the environment
  • Organize consultations and educational workshops in the field of protection of the marine environment, sustainable development and biodiversity
  • To organize actions aimed at protecting and preserving the underwater environment and improving the quality of underwater life and to participate in such actions organized by other associations, societies or institutions
  • Organize professional consultations, expert excursions, seminars, lectures and other forms of professional training for members in order to improve professional knowledge in accordance with special regulations
  • Education of interested individuals for the protection of underwater environment through courses and educational workshops and organization of lectures related to underwater research work
  • Cooperate with domestic and foreign organizations, societies, institutions and other organizations sharing the same goals and activities as the Society
  • To inform the public about nature conservation, sustainable development and marine protected areas
  • Perform all other activities that contribute to the achievement of the Society’s goals