Claudia Kruschel, PhD

Marine Biologist

Claudia Kruschel is currently an assistant professor at the University of Zadar (UNIZD) and she lives in Posedarje. Since 2013 she is leading the undergraduate study in Underwater Science and Technology within the Department of Ecology, Agronomy and Aquaculture. She is primarily involved in researching demersal fish communities in the shallow Croatian Adriatic and in developing monitoring methods for fish and habitats using non-destructive visual methods, especially those using stereo-underwater videography. She has Master’s degree in Marine Microbial Ecology from the University of Greifswald, Germany. She spent 10 years of teaching Biology and Environmental Sciences in Miami. She is currently participating in project COREBIO and in two global projects organised by the Smithonian Institution, USA and the OCEAN BITEMAP project.