About us

Underwater explorers society MARE DALMATICUM is non-profit society, founded 2017. in Zadar with the purpose of gathering researchers, explorers, divers who will contribute to the protection and preservation of underwater environment with their work, dedication, expertise and activities and to raise awareness of the community need to protect our sea. Our mission is to awaken citizens’ awareness and inform them about potential underwater problems, as well as inform them about new discoveries.

The Society is gathering experienced and professional divers, masters of underwater sciences and other professional and multi-talented individuals whose goal is to organize and implement various projects of protection of the underwater environment of the Republic of Croatia and make it more beautiful.


  • Encouraging the protection and preservation of the marine environment
  • Organizing and implementing the protection of marine habitats, marine locations of special importance and underwater environment  in general
  • Encourage monitoring activities and documentation of underwater locations
  • Contribute to the development of ethics, morals and humanity related to humans behavior towards the sea and underwater environment

Our experience

Diving - 20 years
Underwater archeology -12 years
Underwater photography – 10 years
Marine biology – 15 years
Underwater video recording – 5 years

Our values

Great experience and knowledge in the field of underwater science

A professional team of individuals who, with their active work, participate in the preservation of the underwater environment

Team members are undergraduate master's degrees who participate in numerous scientific and professional projects related to underwater exploration

An experienced and well-trained diving team

Sponsors and partners

Join us!

If you would like to become a part of our team or would like to assist to society in implementing the projects please contact us via e-mail.